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Term Topics

Poor old dragon.  Nobody wants him in their story.  Not Goldilocks, not Hansel and Gretel - no one.  But Dragon will not give up!  He shall continue on his course of finding someone who wants him in their story.  ANYONE.  His boundless enthusiasm surely won't get him into any trouble.  Surely .... This story is about a friendly dragon that promotes diversity and teaches children to be conclusive.  A glorious story about dragons, heroes and one very big sneeze!


We will be exploring some of te traditional takes inferred within this book.


Things the children can bring in each week to help us explore this book together

The focus for Term 4 is based around the book ' There is no Dragon in this story', by Lou Carter


Week 1 (w/c Monday 24th February 2020)

A book of your child's favourite traditional tale


Week 2 (w/c Monday 2nd March 2020)

A set of idential items, small, medium and large (Goldilocks and the 3 bears)


Week 3 (w/c Monday 9th March 2020)  

Real food/fruit items to add to our role play shop for the children to buy.  A basket if you have one so we can pack the things we buy to take for Grandma (Little Red Riding Hood).


Week 4 (w/c Monday 16th March 2020)

Can your child draw a beanstalk leaf/leaves at home and bring it to pre-school to add to our beanstalk.  How tall will it grow? (Jack and the Beanstalk)


Week 5 (w/c Monday 23rd March 2020)  

A torch


Week 6 (w/c Monday 30th March 2020)

A hard-boiled egg.  Kitchen roll middles.  (We will also be talking about Easter this week).


Term 4 ends - Friday 3rd April 2020