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Term Topics

Anna Hibiscus lives in Africa. We are going to get to know her, her family and what makes them happy in this delightfully illustrated story that explores feelings, love and togetherness in everyday life in Africa.


- Our role play will be a travel agents, if you are able to take your child into a travel agents that would be very helpful for their role play.

- We will be having a stage outside for children to dress up and act out parts of the story or sing their favourite songs etc.( if you have any appropriate costumes at home we would be very grateful if we could borrow these for the last 2 weeks of term.)

- Our tough tray will be set up with an African scene or village with natural materials to depict the setting from the book.



Term 5 - Anna Hibiscus' Song

Week 1 (w/c Tuesday 23rd April)

A picture (scanned or photograph) of your child’s favourite book. (These will be put on the wall in our book corner) & a photograph of your child’s extended family members i.e. Grandparents, cousins, Aunts etc.


Week 2 (w/c Monday 29th April)

A yam to make “pounded Yam” and for your child to taste once baked. And/or any African instruments you may already have at home or African fabric.


Week 3 (w/c Tuesday 7th May)  

A favourite or important song you share as a family.


Week 4 (w/c Monday 13th May)

Junk for junk modelling of African animals.


Week 5 (w/c Monday 20th May)  

Pebble or stone to paint


Term 5 ends - Thursday 23rd May 2019