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Term Topics

Listed below are some of the weekly activities and craft the children will be doing in the pre-school based around this book.  To continue your childs learning journey at home we have also listed some suggested activities and discussions for you to do with them as a family.

The focus for Term 1 is based around the book ' Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs', by Ian Whybrow

Week 1 (w/c Wednesday 2nd September 2020)

In week one we will be settling the children back into the pre-school, explaining and demonstrating handwashing and new expectations.

At home you can ......

Explain to your child that hand washing is very important and re-assure your child that you will leave them with a member of staff who will collect them from you outside the hall and take them in to play.


Week 2 (w/c Monday 7th September 2020)

We start our focus book this week.  What's in the box?  Can the children guess?  If guidelines allow, children to decorate the box, but we can't look inside ..... yet!

At home you can ....

New children will be starting with us this week.  We will all be learning how to make and look after new friends.  Help us to create and build a sense of ore and wonder for your child by asking "what is in the box that Harry found, let's have some guesses".  Don't let your children see or know that there are dinosaurs inside the box or the book at this point.


Week 3 (w/c Monday 14th September 2020)  

This week we will be making a dinosaur and an egg to put in it.  Washing dinosaurs like Harry in the book

At home you can ....

Ask your children what they know about dinosaurs.  What is the name of their favourite dinosaur?  Has your child ever visited a library like Harry?  Discuss what we can do and find out at a library.


Week 4 (w/c Monday 21st September 2020)

We will be learning to use tweezers to sort dinosaurs into buckets whilst talking about colour, counting and naming the dinosaurs.

At home you can ...

If you have some different sized buckets at home, let your child collect dinosaurs, animals or other small items to see how many they can fit into their bucket/s.


Week 5 (w/c Monday 28th September 2020)   

Feeling focus.  Have you filled your bucket today? focus on kindness.  In craft, we will be using clay to in print the shape of their chosen dinosaur.

At home you can ...

Discuss with your child a time when they lost something like Harry did.  How did it make them feel?  What could they do to make sure it doesn't happen again? Also discuss what dinosaurs ate thousands of years ago.  Did they eat meat?  Did some eat plants?


Week 6 (w/c Monday 5th October 2020)

This week we will be making dinosaur foot prints and making a volcano, which may erupt in the garden!

At home you can ....

Discuss what volcanos are and that they were 'erupting' when dinosaurs were alive


Week 7 (w/c Monday 12th October 2020)

This week we will be playing memory and matching games.

At home you can ....

Play some memory games at home.  Harry was able to remember all his dinosaurs names to call them back at lost property.


Week 8 (w/c Monday 19th October 2020)

We will take the children on a dinosaur hunt around the garden.

At home you can .....

Ask your child/children about what they enjoyed about the book, Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs?