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Term Topics


Listed below are some of the weekly activities and craft the children will be doing in the pre-school based around this book.  To continue your childs learning journey at home we have also listed some suggested activities and discussions for you to do with them as a family.

The focus for Term 5 is based around the book Anna Hibiscus' Song.  Anna Hibiscus lives in Africa.  We are going to get to know her, her family and what makes them happy in this delightfully illustrated story that explores feelings, love and togetherness in everyday life in Africa.


Week 1 (w/c Monday 19th April 2021)

Activities/craft - Staff and older children will be helping our new children to settle into our pre-school

Items to bring in - Just a smile and a helping hand.

 Week 1 (w/c Monday 26th April 2021)

Activities/craft - Children will be drawing around their hand with adult support.  Adult will scribe 5 things that make them feel happy.  (These will go up on our display board)

Items to bring in - A picture of your child's favourite book and a photograph of your child's extended family members i.e. grandparents, cousins, aunts etc.


Week 3 (w/c Monday 4th May 2021)

Activities/craft - Children will be painting self portraits and as a whole group activity we will be cooking and pounding yams like Anna in the book.

Items to bring in - A yam and/or any African instruments you may have at home.


This week we will be listening and moving to African music and experimenting with African patterns.



Activities/craft - Making puppets depicting the characters in the story and making wooden jewellery to wear whilst role playing in our own theatre/stage.

Items to being in - Junk for junk modelling of African animals


Week 6 (w/c Monday 24th May 2021)   

Activities/craft - Making and painting African animals with junk modelling

Items to being in - A pebble or stone to paint


Last day of term 5 is Thursday 27th May 2021