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On the 27th June 2019 we had an on the spot Ofsted Inspection.  We are very pleased to say that we were awarded Outstanding in meeting the needs of all children who attend and strong goods in the other two areas, giving us an overall Good rating.

Staff are kind and caring. They get to know children well and are sensitive to their needs. Children show that they feel happy and secure at the pre-school. They are eager to arrive, settle quickly and thoroughly enjoy their play and learning.


There are strong partnerships between parents and staff, which support continuity in children's care and learning. For example, staff seek information about what children enjoy and what they can do.


Children learn how to use the environment safely by taking safe risks with toys and equipment. For instance, they cut up fruit at snack time and help to pick up toys to avoid tripping.

Staff show a genuine interest in what children have to say and further motivate children's thinking by asking thought-provoking questions. They respect and respond to children's ideas.

Ofsted Comments 2019